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We teach you to learn Quran online with tajweed. The word tajweed means to read with proper pronunciation of Quranic letters. Tajweed involves two-way communication between the teacher and a listener. It facilitates individuals to recite the Quran with the proper understanding of each word in perfect order and proficiency. Reading with tajweed has great importance since it prevents reciters from making mistakes or altering the meaning of a particular word during the recitation of the Holy Quran. Therefore, it is obligatory on Muslims to learn Quran with tajweed as it differentiates between reading the common book and reciting the sacred text known as the Quran.

Quranclassonline is one of those prestigious online institutions which provides access to online learning of Quran. This online platform has proved it to be very effective in transforming the lives of Muslims across the world for more than a decade. Teaching tajweed requires individual to have an expertise and grasp over the Arabic dialects. Therefore, Quranclassonline hires only those teachers who are expert and possess in-depth knowledge of the Arabic language. Thus, the teachers are well qualified, having sound knowledge and understanding of the Quran and possess competencies in the field of Quran teachings. This platform provides online tajweed course for kids and adults so that every Muslim student gets an opportunity to understand the essence of reading the Quran with tajweed.

What you will learn in online Quran classes and tajweed course?

Quranclassonline enables students, including children, to learn Quran online with tajweed courses at home and promotes an independent learning environment where children can learn tajweed by themselves or together with their parents. It allows their students to have interactive sessions and adopts a holistic approach in the form of interactive images and quizzes to help develop student’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential and seeks to engage students in the learning process of Tajweed.

Theoretical recognition and practical implementation of Tajweed rules are fundamental for the accurate recitation of Quran without mistakes. It is, therefore, essential for Muslims to read and recite the Quran with perfect pronunciation. Sound knowledge and a better understanding of Tajweed can immensely help in this regard. With the robust development of information technology, Muslims should avail this opportunity to learn Quran online with tajweed. Online learning of Quran will greatly help students to develop a better understanding and accurate reading of the Quran. Muslims will gain reward for this noble activity of reading the Quran with tajweed. Quran class online tajweed course concentrates on the precise recitation of the Quran that involves commitment and dedication and enables students to determine the complexities of Quranic verses along with the accurate pronunciation of every word. The ultimate objective of this platform is to ensure the recitation of the Quran with tajweed identical to the classical Arabic language that serves as the foundation of Islam.

Learning Quran online in virtual classroom & E-learning Software

All of our courses are conducted online with one on one Real time tutoring. There are no group sessions so a teacher can concentrate on each student individually. Maktab is our patent E-learning software for teaching Quran online having following features:

  • Online digital quran
  • Call recordings
  • Daily lesson data entry which is accessable by teacher, parents & qaulity department
  • PC activity monitoring tool on teacher’s end
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