This course is specially designed for all those students who already know how to recite Quran. We normally recite surahs from 30th Chapter of Quran in NAMAZ (prayer / salah) and for the same reason we help student to memorize them by heart. Students memorize surahs of Quran from 30th juz in online classes.

We help students to memorize surahs for prayer / salah / namaz

In 30 minute class session, teacher assign a portion of surah (probably one line or two lines depending upon the intellectual capacity of student) to memorize. We help them remember all surahs from 30th chapter of Quran with Tajweed. It’s a very beneficial course for all Muslims and its super easy to join it. You just need to spare 30 minutes of life and you can join the class straight from your mobile phone, laptop, PC or any any gadget connected to internet.

List of Surah(s)

  • An-Naziat
  • Abasa 
  • At-Takwir
  • Al-Infitar
  • Al-Mutaffifin
  • Al-Inshiqaq
  • Al-Burooj
  • At-Tariq
  • Al-Ala
  • Al-Ghashiya
  • Al-Fajr
  • Al-Balad
  • Ash-Shams
  • Al-Lail
  • Ad-Dhuha
  • Ash-Sharh
  • At-Tin
  • Al-Alaq
  • Al-Qadr
  • Al-Bayyina
  • Al-Zalzala
  • Al-Adiyaat
  • Al-Qaria
  • At-Takaathur
  • Al-Asr
  • Al-Humaza
  • Al-feel
  • Quraish 
  • Al-Maun
  • Al-Kawthar 
  • Al-Kafiroon
  • An-Nasr
  • Al-Masad
  • Al-Ikhlaas
  • Al-Falaq
  • An-Naas
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