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The word Tafseer is derived from the Arabic word “fassara,” which means to describe and to explain the hidden meaning. Tafseer attempts to provide detailed insight, elucidation, and interpretation for clear understanding and convictions of Allah’s will in the Quran. In other words, the Tafseer of the Quran means to uncover the meaning and revealing the implications of the Quran. The main objective of Tafseer is to analyze and determine the true meaning and explanation of each verse of the Quran in order to benefit the entire Ummah to understand the accurate and true message of the Quran. We offer Quran translation course online for sisters and brothers from all around the world.

The Quran translation with tafsir is of great importance. It enables readers to have a thorough understanding of the Quran and its message. It helps in the developing a sense for compulsory teachings of the Quran and religion. Reading the Quran with Tafseer translation explains the situation in which certain Ayah was revealed and thus provides context to each word, which consequently gives better meaning and clear interpretation of the Quran and its verses.

What Quran online translation course offers?

  • Students are taught the meaning of few Arabic words every day
  • The students are taught meaning of the verses word by word
  • The meaning of the verses are properly explained to the students
  • After literal translation of the verses the students are explained the contextual meaning of the words and verses
  • Student will be able to understand the meaning of the verses and know the situation in which the verses were revealed
  • Solve the complexities that a person faces during Quran recitation
  • Answer the person’s  common questions
  • Provide details such as the provision of religious movements and its stages, time, place, and situation.

Quranclassonline hires expert professionals having sound knowledge and competencies in teaching Quran online. Teachers help their students to interpret the Quran and enable them to get the real sense and follow the objective of divine revelation. Teachers have a good understanding and detailed knowledge of Quran translation with Tafseer. They conduct online Quran classes in a real-time environment and pay attention to their students on individual bases so that every student grabs enough attention in seeking knowledge of the Quran. The Quranclassonline offers a proper learning environment so that every student feels comfortable in studying the Quran and learns its Tafseer in the most efficient way.


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