Tajweed are the set of rules governing the way in which the words of the Quran (Koran) should be pronounced during its recitation. What is Tajweed? “Tajweed” or “Tajwid” is a very common term in the context of Quran recitation. It comes from the Arabic word (تَجْوِيدْ‎) which linguistically means enhancement or making something outstanding. Online Tajweed course is designed for every age. English translation and video help along with live tajweed lessons makes student to understand it in a better way.

How long does it take to learn tajweed?

Then starting to learn the Tajweed lessons can take 6 to 9 months. But, it undoubtedly differs from one child to another. This means that the normal kid can have the basics of mastering recitation in about one year if he takes 2 hours per week regularly and keeps practicing at home.

What you will learn in Tajweed course?

The most important tip to learn Quran with Tajweed for beginners is to have a well-structured Tajweed plan that is specially designed for beginners. That helps every beginner to track his/her progress, and always keeps him on track and encouraged.

Download our patent Tajweed Book

We always try to add new content to our study syllabus and for the same reason we have recently designed our easy Tajweed Book with English Translation. You can download it for free from our downloads section. Download now

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