Is Quranclassonline.com affiliated with any particular religious group or fiqh?

Quranclassonline.com is an E-learning campaign of Cloud Lab Private Ltd which is a multinational Software research group, having its offices in England and Pakistan. Quranclassonline.com is a Non-Partisan campaign that is NOT affiliated with any Mosque, Madrassa, Religious Group, Firqa, and any Political or Religious Party. We have a formal corporate organizational structure.

What is our Late fees policy?

1) As we have mentioned earlier that we collect fees in advance and generate monthly subscription invoices on the 25th of every month. The last date of regular fee submission is the 5th of every month. Our financial software automatically generates a reminder email to our clients on the 3rd. Every business has a payment…

What is the fee refund policy?

1) We collect fees in advance and in case of excess payment by chance or problems from our side payment will be refunded accordingly.                                                               …